Energy Transportation Gets A m e r i c an Legion M e r c h a n t M a r i n e A w a rd

The American Legion National Mechant Marine Award for 1984-85 was presented recently by Senate Majority Leader Robert Dole (RKA) to Dr. C.Y. Chen, chairman of Energy Transportation Corporation (ETC) of New York City, at a ceremony in the U.S. capital.


Quincy Yard To Build $60-Million Collier For New England Electric

New England Electric System of Westboro, Mass., has announced plans for the construction of a 655-foot coal-carrying ship at General Dynamics' Quincy Shipbuilding Division. The $60-million vessel is the first of its type to be built in the United States in more than 25 years.

MarAd Transfers Mitchell To Washington

William R. Mitchell Jr. has been appointed Chief of the Division of Commercial Cargo in the Maritime Administration's (MarAd's) Office of Market Development, it was announced by Robert J. Blackwell, Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Maritime Affairs.

FMC Marine And Rail Launches Fourth Ro/Ro Barge For Crowley

The Marine and Rail Equipment Division of FMC Corporation, Portland, Ore., r e c e n t ly launched the fourth in a series of four of the world's largest r o l l - o n / r o l l - o f f (ro/ro) barges. The 580-foot-long t r i p l e - d e ck trailer

North Sea Maureen Field Commences Oil Production

Oil production began recently from the Maureen field, 163 miles east-northeast of Aberdeen, Scotland, near the center of the North Sea. Phillips Petroleum Company United Kingdom Limited, operator of the field, said Maureen is expected to reach peak production of about 72,

Inert Gas Systems Fitted Aboard Tankers Building At NASSCO

Airfilco Engineering, Inc., 1901 Julia Street, New Orleans, La. 70113, have recently commissioned the first of a series of inert gas systems fitted aboard the Shipmor Associate Tankers building at National Steel and Shipbuilding Company, San Diego, Calif.

New Barge Company Formed To Serve Alaska

Alaska Cargo Lines, Inc., a new barge company based in Seattle, Wash., has been formed to serve the ports of Dillingham, Nome, Bethel, and Kotzebue and the Yukon River ports which were left without service when Northland Marine Lines went out of business in December.

Polypropylene Netting Protects Marine Cargo —Literature Available

In covering materials for marine transporting, problems exist that can be eliminated by the use of a super strength netting available from the Griffolyn Company Division of Reef Industries, Houston. The primary applications for the netting are:

American Ship Building Receives $73-Million Conversion Contract

The American Ship Building Company, Tampa, Fla., was recently awarded a $73-million contract by the Moore McCormack Lines, subsidiary of Moore Mc- Cormack Resources, Inc., to convert four C-4 cargo liner vessels. The conversion involves lengthening each

IMODCO Awarded Contract By Esso Suez For Mooring Terminal Offshore Egypt

IMODCO of Los Angeles, a unit of AMCA International Corporation and pioneer offshore marine terminal company, has been awarded a contract by Esso Suez, Inc. for a catenary anchor leg mooring (CALM) terminal. This unit for Esso is designed to securely moor tankers of up to 85,

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