Berwind Lines Names Bericochea Exec. VP

Victor Bericochea, vice president, has been appointed executive vice president and chief operating officer of Berwind Lines Inc. of San Juan, Puerto Rico, announced board chairman Hugh McComas. Mr. McComas also announced that he himself has assumed


Energy Transportation Gets A m e r i c an Legion M e r c h a n t M a r i n e A w a rd

The American Legion National Mechant Marine Award for 1984-85 was presented recently by Senate Majority Leader Robert Dole (RKA) to Dr. C.Y. Chen, chairman of Energy Transportation Corporation (ETC) of New York City, at a ceremony in the U.S. capital.

FMC Marine And Rail Launches Fourth Ro/Ro Barge For Crowley

The Marine and Rail Equipment Division of FMC Corporation, Portland, Ore., r e c e n t ly launched the fourth in a series of four of the world's largest r o l l - o n / r o l l - o f f (ro/ro) barges. The 580-foot-long t r i p l e - d e ck trailer

Siemens Introduces New Shipboard Control System

—Literature Available Shipboard operations can be supervised and controlled using the newly developed Siemens SIGOS 41 Graphic Operation System. At video data terminals, all measured values and conditions needed for shipboard operations are clearly

Seatrain Int'l Forms Saudi Container Services As Joint Venture

Seatrain International S.A., and General Contracting Corp. have announced the formation of Saudi Container Services. Seatrain International is a wholly owned subsidiary of Seatrain Lines, and General Contracting is a member of the Olayan Group.

Open Committee On CG Oil Spill Legislation Completes 1 st Phase

The initial phase of the Coast Guard's first attempt at developing legislation with the assistance of direct public input is completed. In an attempt to formulate a fair and reasonable set of regulations pertaining to the Oil Spill Act of 1990,

Valley Line Asks Title XI For $90.1-Million Barge And Towboat Project

The Valley Line Co., a subsidiary of Chromalloy American Corporation, 120 South Central Avenue, St. Louis, Mo., has applied for Title XI guarantees to aid in financing 240 new covered hopper barges and refinancing three existing towboats and 53 used hopper barges.

Port Of Portland Budget Includes Funds For Marine Improvements

The proposed Port of Portland (Oregon) budget for 1986-87 reflects a conservative projection of financial activity over the next fiscal year to improve, expand, and market facilities and properties to stay competitive and contribute to the economic growth of the community and state.

Bids To C a r r y U.S. M i l i t a ry C a r g o For N e x t Six M o n t hs Increase O n A t l a n t i c Route

The Military Sealift Command has reported that bids to carry U.S. military cargo for the next six months have increased on the North Atlantic route while declining on shipments to the Far East. Coming in with the low of $17.54 per measurement ton on containerized military cargo to Europe,

Megasystems Cargo Control Systems Ordered For Product Carriers

Avondale Shipyards, Inc. of New Orleans recently ordered three cargo control systems from Megasystems, Inc. of Boca Raton, Fla., and Cleveland, Ohio, f or installation in three 43,000-dwt product carriers ordered earlier this year by Exxon Company U.

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