Port Of Portland Budget Includes Funds For Marine Improvements

The proposed Port of Portland (Oregon) budget for 1986-87 reflects a conservative projection of financial activity over the next fiscal year to improve, expand, and market facilities and properties to stay competitive and contribute to the economic growth of the community and state. The overall budget totals $290 million, down $27 million from the previous year, representing cautiousness stemming from the Port's experiences in the changing marketplace. In the individual departments, the Marine budget reflects the Port's continuing commitment to improve its competitive position among West Coast ports. While cargo levels are expected to increase slightly, two new import auto accounts and more stable steamship service are expected to increase auto and container volumes handled at the Port's terminal facilities, providing added revenue.

Marine is expected to generate revenues of $45 million through its operations, while expenses will be $42 million. The department's capital budget of $30.5 million includes funds for projects such as Terminal 2 rehabilitation, a new bulk unloader, and other improvements at the marine facilities.

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